Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surveillance: In-Class Assignment

1. Three websites that address the topic of "surveillence" are:
2. I will be using this site:
CONTENT: The site gives you a definition of what surveillance is, where the origin of the word is derived from, and where surveillance can be used in society today. The site also give examples of surveillance and mentions a bit about medical surveillance. They list telephones, computers, cameras, and social networking sites as types of surveillance.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the website is to inform the reader and raise awareness about surveillance and how it is different in society today than it was before.
 3. FORM: The website contains conventions such as text and hyperlinks to related blog posts. Some design techniques such as colour, layout, font, and the header/footer are visible on the website. The site uses reds, whites, and blacks for their layout. The font is dark and big enough that it can be easily read without problem. They positioned the content of the article in the centre of the layout. The header is very simple, containing a search bar and navigation tabs. Their site's name, 'Articles Factory' is big and stands out very well on the white header. The bottom footer contains a more in-depth navigation of the articles that can be found on the site. The site overall is very simple and professional.

4. AUDIENCE: I think this website's audience is for teenagers or adults. The site looks really professional so it's probably intended for older readers. There are no images on this website either. I do not think kids would be drawn to a website with a very pale colour scheme. There is nothing bright to attract a child's attention on the website so it's defintely for an older audience.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Image, Text, Audio, or Video: Analyzing Media

I will be analyzing my chosen video media.

Media Text
What is this?
It is an advertisement for a Porsche.

Can you name three things like it?
Three things like this commercial is a Honda commercial, a GT3 RS Porsche commercial advertising their new car, and a Toyota commercial. All three I saw on television.

What colours are on it?
Many colours are visible in the advertisement. The colour of the boy's clothing, red, makes him stand out from the crowd. The colour of the car is silver.The whole video has a 'grey' kind of atmosphere. It's not saturated with colour but has more of a cooler hue to it. There are a lot of greys, blacks, and greens in the commercial.

What values are promoted?
Promoted values such as speed, freedom, independence, and pleasure are visible in this advertisement.

Does it contain stereotypes?
Yes it does contain stereotypes. It shows that all men and boys like shiny cars and want to have one.

What values are omitted?
Omitted values such as prosperity/wealth and responsibility are not present in this advertisement.

Why do you like it?
I like it because it targets not only the older teen and adult audience but also targets the younger audience as well.

Why do your parents like it? Your friends?
My parents like it because it is professionally well done. My friends like it because the execution of the commercial is different from the ones seen on television.

Could this thing scare somebody? Why?
This could scare definitely scare somebody. I think it would scare parents of younger children watching this. They might think that their children will be attracted to cars at a young age like the one in the commercial.

Why would you buy this?
N/A. I can't buy the commercial. I can buy the Porsche though. It's well presented in the advertisement. They made it look sleek and appealing to the viewers.

Who else would want it?
N/A. Adults would also want the Porsche though.

Why do you want to collect it?
N/A. I can't collect Porsches or the commercials.

Who makes it?
I don't know who made the commercial but it was probably a editing company hired by Porsche.

How much money do you think it costs?
I think it costs over $6000 to make the advertisement.  There's a lot of planning before shooting the commercial, then filming and hiring actors for the job, then post-production to add the finishing touches and effects. All that to make a small commercial is worth a lot of money.

Where was it made?
I do not know where this was made exactly. I think it was filmed in a small neighbourhood near a school in the United States of America.

Where are some places you can buy it?
N/A. You can't buy the commercial, but you can buy the car marketed in the advertisement.

Can you tell me where it was made (produced)?
The advertisement was made somewhere in the United States of America by a commercial company hired by Porsche. 

Have you seen a commercial for it on TV, in a book, or a newspaper, website, or game?
I have seen an advertisement of this Porsche in a magazine once.

Who owns the copyright for this text?
Porsche North America owns the copyright for this text.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Image, Text, Audio, or Video

The three pieces of media I chose in response to Mr. Cram's Image, Text, Audio, or Video.