Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Trailer Reflection

1. How did you decide what type/genre of movie to make? Explain.
My partner and I decided what type of genre of movie to make by listing all the genres that are possible to do. Then, one by one, we looked at each genre specifically and asked ourselves if we had the materials needed to make a trailer. So for example, we looked at the fantasy genre, thought of a quick plot and realized it might be too complicated to make since we didn't know how to do the special effects and we didn't have costumes. We chose horror because it was an easy genre, no extreme effects required, and shooting can be accomplished in school. 

2. Describe what part of the movie trailer project you enjoyed the most. Why?
The part of the movie trailer I enjoyed the most would be filming the scenes. I enjoyed the production part of the project because before during pre-production, my partner and I were putting our ideas on paper, drawing them on storyboards. When we started filming, it was exciting seeing all the drawings we did on paper be executed by live actors. It was a fun, hands-on experience that let us express our creativity.

3. How has your learning expanded in terms of creating media products over the course of the semester?
Over the course of the semester, my learning has expanded in terms of creating media products. I am more educated in the advertising strategies for campaigns and the different ways to attract different types of audiences. For example, it would take a different method to attract a younger teenage audience than it would to attract an older audience of senior citizens. I also learned of the different ways to convey messages in advertisements. I also am more knowledgeable about the different types of camera moves for commercials and movie trailers to make them more appealing and how the elements of designs are part of create a successful advertisement. I also know that there are many medias such as sound, image, and words. I also now know that there are many mediums such as print, media, and sound.

4. Of all the media "texts" that you have created this year, which ones would you want to share outside of class? 
Of all the media "texts" that I have created this year, I would share my culminating project, the movie trailer campaign outside of class. My partner and I spent a lot of time forming a plot for the trailer and filming enough footage for the trailer. Editing all the video we shot into one short movie trailer, adding audio, and syncing voice overs and music was difficult but the finished product was good. The movie trailer was one of the biggest things I did this semester and I think it was one of the best things I did. I want to share that success with others outside of my class.