Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surveillance: In-Class Assignment

1. Three websites that address the topic of "surveillence" are:
2. I will be using this site:
CONTENT: The site gives you a definition of what surveillance is, where the origin of the word is derived from, and where surveillance can be used in society today. The site also give examples of surveillance and mentions a bit about medical surveillance. They list telephones, computers, cameras, and social networking sites as types of surveillance.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the website is to inform the reader and raise awareness about surveillance and how it is different in society today than it was before.
 3. FORM: The website contains conventions such as text and hyperlinks to related blog posts. Some design techniques such as colour, layout, font, and the header/footer are visible on the website. The site uses reds, whites, and blacks for their layout. The font is dark and big enough that it can be easily read without problem. They positioned the content of the article in the centre of the layout. The header is very simple, containing a search bar and navigation tabs. Their site's name, 'Articles Factory' is big and stands out very well on the white header. The bottom footer contains a more in-depth navigation of the articles that can be found on the site. The site overall is very simple and professional.

4. AUDIENCE: I think this website's audience is for teenagers or adults. The site looks really professional so it's probably intended for older readers. There are no images on this website either. I do not think kids would be drawn to a website with a very pale colour scheme. There is nothing bright to attract a child's attention on the website so it's defintely for an older audience.

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