Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change of Tone

1. What is the original tone/mood of the video?
The original tone/mood of the video was suspenseful and intense. The movie, The Dark Knight, is an action movie about Gotham's superhero, Batman, as he faces off against the villain Joker. The video had a more serious tone where Batman was running away since he's being chased by the police. The music for the video was fast-paced with a lot of drums, trumpets, and a bit of violin in the background. The tone gave Batman a mysterious aura and made me want to find out what would happen to him after he ran away. It makes me feel like Batman is not an average kind of superhero who is always showered in praise but is always willing to help.

2.  What song/sound did you choose to the tone/mood of the video?
The song I chose for the tone/mood of the video is a more melancholic piece opposite of the fast-paced intense music. It is a slow violin piece played by Thao Nguyen called "Sad Romance."

3. How did it change the tone/mood of the video? Why did it have that effect?
The music changed the tone/mood of the video and it became more sad and forlorn. It is now a more depressing mood than it was from the intense mood before. It had that effect because the violin piece I added to the video was very slow and melancholy. Instead of an action genre, the music made the movie kind of like a romantic tragedy. With the violin music in the background, when Batman was running away, it gave it a very sad kind of tone like he was disappearing into the darkness forever. The violin piece was sad so thus making the video clip very depressing.

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