Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Culture Jamming Project

 Pre-Project Analysis
1. This advertisement subverts the company McDonalds.

2. The McDonald's Big Mac is being advertised / subverted in this production.

3. Imagery such as heart monitor and surgeons in the middle of operating on a patient are used in the advertisement to subvert. The surgeons are frantically working on the patient. The waves on the monitor form the shape of the McDonald's 'M' which is known by almost everyone making it very effective.

4. The message "Big Mac Attack!" is used in the advertisement to subvert. They combined a life threatening situation of a heart attack and the McDonald's Big Mac sandwich into one line.

5. Some elements and principles of design used to convey a message in this piece are line, colour/hue, and contrast. Line, visible in the heart monitor that tracks the beat of the heart forms a curve of the McDonald's "M". Also, the chart in the background hanging underneath the patient saves that the person is gradually dying. Colour/hue is visible in this piece. The whole image is kind of saturated in blue which kind of makes the image very cold and eerie. Also, the contrast in this from the heart monitor's black background to the bright pink lines makes the "M" stand out a lot from the rest of the image.

6. The target audience for this advertisement is probably for teenagers and young adult, especially those who eat fast-food a lot.

7. This ad jam does convey a clear and successful message. It shows that eating from fast food restaurants such as McDonalds can be bad for your health and can lead to death.

8. This ad jam could be improved in some ways. The text for 'Big Mac Attack' looks like it's been placed there without much thought. The text could be a bit bigger for it took me a while to notice it. I think in the background with the patient that the surgeons should be more urgent and hectic. Overall, there is nothing much that can be improved on.

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