Thursday, October 21, 2010

Culture Jamming Project

Media Piece 
Here is my the final outcome for my own culture jam advertisement. (click for full view)

1. What aspect of your culture jam do you find most successful and why?
The aspect of my culture jam that I find most successful was the image of the culture jam itself of the Burger King as the Statue of Liberty. I spent a lot of time manipulating the King into the image and it turned out very well done. I tried to make it look like the statue was of the King originally.

2. What aspect of your culture jam do you find least successful and why?
 The aspect of my culture jam that I find the least successful is my message. My message wasn't very strong and clear. I wanted to convey that fast food is negatively affecting our lives but they are increasing in countries. I also wanted to say that corporate logos and fast food mascots (such as Ronald McDonald) are everywhere in society today that even children will be able to recognize them. It is hard to understand the message by just looking at the piece and that is why this is the least successful thing in my project.

3. If you could do this project again, what changes would you make to improve it?
If I could do this project again, changes I would make to improve it is by choosing a clearer image to represent my message. I did not put much thought into creating my message so when it was time to work on my culture jam advertisement, the two didn't go very well together. I would have chosen an image of something more easier to photo manipulate as well since the advertisement itself was very time consuming. My culture jam doesn't convey such a clear message. If I used images related to McDonald's then my culture jam would have been clearer and a lot more powerful.

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